Thermal stores

Heating appliances

Heating water /DHW in thermal stores can be heated by various heating appliances. Below is a list of the most common ones:

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A boiler is an enclosed steel appliance in which water is heated, then distributed to heating system and stored in thermal store. In most cases operates as the primary heating device, which use different sources of energy such as natural gas, wood, wood pellets / brickets, electricity, coal or oil. The primary boiler is connected to the heating system or thermal store directly using the G 1", G 5/4" or G 6/4" thermal store threads.


Solar thermal collectors

A solar thermal collector is another heating appliance unit, that collect heat by absorbing sunlight and store this renewable energy in fluid. Solar system is nearly always connected in separate circuit. This circuit can be connected to a heat exchanger coil of the thermal store and thanks to heat delivery surface of the coil in thermal store supply energy to the whole heating system.

immersion heater

Immersion heater

An immersion heater element can be installed right in the thermal store. Regularly used is a G 6/4" thread. Because the immersion heater uses electricity as source of energy, it often costs more than other fuel sources. On the other hand, the thermostat of immersion heater can keep high temperature in thermal store until the temperature exceeds specified limit.

Check out which thermal stores has the G 6/4" thread and therefore the immersion heater can be used.

Fireplace insert

Fireplace insert

A fireplace insert is a device installed into an existing fireplace. A heat exchanger utilizes heat produced in a fireplace and send to an inbuilt exchanger in the thermal store or directly into the thermal store.

Heat pump pic

Heating pump

A heating pump is used to extend efficiency of heating systems. It can be connected to the system by heat exchanger inside of the thermal store.